Nokia is Working on a Tablet

According to the design chief at Nokia, the company is working on a tablet. He also reports that he is spending up to one third of his time working on this device.

Although specifics are not known, we expect to see Nokia showing off a flagship Windows 8 based tablet when Microsoft releases the new operating system later this year.

Windows-on-ARM is believed to be used in the tablet and is based on a dual-core chipset from Qualcomm. The device is rumoured to have a 10 inch screen.

If Nokia is launching with Windows 8 then this would hint at a Q4 launch this year of the tablet although we’ve heard a bunch of rumours before about Nokia in the tablet arena. Stephen Elop made it quite clear that they wouldn’t be just launching a tablet to compete. Instead, they are “watching” to find something unique that could be built.

One final bit of information indicates that Nokia is working on a new UI that limits the number of screen taps that need to be done to find information. Perhaps this means it is more gesture based. I’m sure we’ll find more later this year if the rumours are indeed correct.


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