Nokia Introduces CDMA Phones with basic functions

Nokia are launching 2 new phones in to the crowd for the talk and text type users. The Nokia 1325 and Nokia 1265 will be due out soon. These phones are targetted towards the users who use their phone for the basics which are talking and texting and will serve as entry level in to CDMA. The Nokia 1325 offers some great functionality in to it’s slim form factor. It has a 64k colour screen and can be personalised with wallpapers and be used hands free. The 1325 can store 400 contacts and 150 sms messages. It has a talk time of 3.5 hours with 6.5 days of standby time. It weighs 71g and should be available in China, Asia-Pacific, Middle East Africa and Latin America with in the next few months.

The Nokia 1265 has predictive text and 32 polyphonic MIDI capabilities. The screen is black and white and talk time is the same as the above which is 3.5 hours talk and 6.5 days of stand by. The basic features which seem to take us back 8 years (but with CDMA) will be more affordable and entry level type phones.

Via: Nokia

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