Nokia to Give Developers free WP7 Device

Nokia has sent out an email to members of the Launchpad, letting them know that they will be getting a free E7 and a Windows Phone 7 device when available.

Launchpad is Nokia’s mobile app development program that normally has a price tag of 300 per year. It’s actually free for the first year. Nokia need to approve companies and developers in to the program and once there, when the devices are available, they’ll be shipped out.

To assist you with your development activities in the near-term, we will ship one free Nokia E7 device to all program members. Additionally, we will send to you one free Nokia WP7 device, as soon as it becomes available.

Shipping out both devices will allow developers to develop on both platforms, ie, to the already big Symbian user base, as well as will encourage developers to test the new Nokia with Windows Phone 7 hardware and develop apps for that.

Although some are unhappy with the Nokia/Microsoft changes, this will hopefully smooth some of the problems over.

Via: Slash Gear

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