Nokia Eco Sensor Phone

Nokia have come up with some interesting concept ideas over the last few years. With “green” being the subject being discussed by many, a number of electronics creators are pushing this theme in to their creations. The Nokia Eco Sensor Phone is one such phone which Nokia want to have that green theme. The concept is that the phone comes with a separate wearable sensor unit which monitors the environment, your health and reports the weather. These features are optional and you can use the ones which suit you.

How is the Nokia Eco Sensor Phone Green?

This is the question I was asking at first. With this phone having environmental sensors built in to the wrist strap it can transmit information back to the phone via NFC (near field communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). Information about the environment is displayed on the screen which makes you more aware of the pollution around you. If you constantly see high levels of carbon monoxide, ozone problems and such, then you are more likely to take action to reduce these outputs in your own life. This part of the Eco friendly phone seems more psychological. Luckily the green theme doesn’t stop there. This phone will be built on what is called the three Rs. That means reduce, reuse and recycle.

*The first part is that printed electronics will be used in the construction. This allows for less waste, smaller components and smaller phones. A mixture of all three means it is more greener.
*The next part will be to use bio-materials which reduce the number of parts that cannot be reused.
*The final part will see the frame of the phone built from 100% recycled steel.

Adding to the use of materials will be the way the phone is powered. In the wrist strap you will find solar cells which have the goal of powering the device by solar energy alone. This will make the strap completely self powered.

The list of green items on this phone continues on with electrowetting screens which may be an option. These types of screen require less energy to function then similar LED and OLED displays.


With it being concept, it looks great on paper. However, this means we may never ever see this actual phone on the market. But, what I believe Nokia are trying to achieve with the Nokia Eco Sensor phone concept is a way to shape how they will be working as a company in the future. No doubt in 2008 and beyond we will see a ton of new phones which can be powered for longer and charge a lot quicker.

Via: Guardian

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