Nokia E7 Starts to Ship

Nokia has announced the launch of the Nokia E7. The new business class smartphone will begin shipping to select markets this week although the company haven’t specified exactly where that is.

We have heard hints that the E7 will launch first in the UK, but other than that we could take a guess that it will be also introduced in a handful of countries across Europe. Nokia does mention that the E7 will quickly move to other markets within the coming weeks though.

The E7 is similar to the Nokia N8 other than it has a smaller camera which is 8 megapixels compared to the 12 megapixels of the N8. It has a slide out QWERTY keyboard that supposedly works very well from what early reviews have said. We also know it has a 4 inch ClearBlack display.

Other features include:
– Easy access to private and business email
– Create, edit and share office documents and view PDF files with Adobe Reader
– Fast, secure intranet access with the built-in VPN
– High-resolution photos and HD video with the 8 megapixel camera and dual LED flash
– HDMI connectivity to project files, videos and images onto large screens
– 16 gigabytes of on-board flash memory
– USB-On-The-Go, enabling easy file sharing by connecting a USB stick to the smartphone

Overall, an impressive looking device although we’re still not convinced with Symbian just yet although it worked quite well on the N8. It will be interesting to test the device out.

Prices are not known just yet, but expect carriers to make announcements any day now.

The video below shows the Nokia E7 and some of the design elements that went in to it.


  1. Muhammad Badghaish says

    Im always using Nokia comunicator, since long time ago.
    Hopefully this Nokia Comunicator E-7 will be on the market soon.
    Do You thing future Nokia can make dual chips ?
    Most of the people they using not only One chips,

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