Nokia E61 Smart Phone

I like Smart phones! They give a lot more features then the regular phone and are handy tools to carry around. The Nokia E61 has many tools bundled in to it’s case. Notifications of new emails via LED, editing emails on the go, sending emails on the go as well as talking on speaker phone at the same time… These are just a few of what this device is capable of.

Nokia E61.jpg

* Network – GSM 850/900/1800/1900 and WCDMA 2100 (3GPP Release 4) networks in Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific, North America, and South America where these networks are supported Automatic switching between bands Speech codecs: AMR, FR and EFR, NB-AMR
* Size – Weight: 144 g (with Nokia Battery BP-5L), Dimensions 117 mm x 69.7 mm x 14 mm, 108 cc Form: monoblock
* Memory Functions – Up to 75 MB of fixed user data memory. Expandable memory: 64 MB hot swappable miniSD card.
* Display – Active matrix display, Supports up to 16M colors Adjustable display brightness and contrast control. Ambient light sensor for keypad display lighting control.
* Navigation – Two soft keys with five-way joystick, power key can be used as profile key. Configurable right and left soft keys. Input method: full keyboard. Active standby enables user to configure 5 applications for fast access Symbian operating system OS 9.1 Series 60, 3rd edition
* Multimedia Messaging (MMS) – Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS, ver. 1.2) for text, voice clips, video clips and still images receiving, editing and sending Distribution list
* Email and Messaging – Email client for connecting to personal and business email. Supports POP, IMAP(with idle) and SMTP protocols, and MS Active Sync. Settings via OMA Client Provisioning, OMA Device Management. Supported third party email clients: Visto email technology, Blackberry Email Connectivity, Connect and Seven Always-On Mail. Attachments viewers and editors support the most common features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel (Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP and 2003). Compatible with Zip Manager and Adobe Reader Instant Messaging client (Yahool, AOL, OMA) SMS distribution list
* Connectivity – Pop-Port¢ interface, USB port full speed supported via Pop-Port¢. Remote and local (peer-to-peer) synchronization over Bluetooth technology, IR, cable Bluetooth wireless technology 1.2. HTML browsing with Nokia Browser. Video and audio streaming (3GPP and RealMedia: Real Video and Real Audio). WCDMA (3GPP Release 4)
Multiconnectivity – WLAN connection can be shared by multiple applications at the same time. For example: email, browser and synchronization. Possible to use WLAN, Bluetooth technology, USB and infrared at the same time Maximum six Bluetooth technology connections in use at the same time. Note: only one for Bluetooth wireless connectivity for audio
* Call Management – Push to Talk, Internet call over WLAN, Voice dialing, Speed dialing: Up to 8 names, Automatic redial (max 10 attempts), Call waiting, call hold, call divert, call timer Automatic and manual network selection, Caller identification with image, The name of the calling party (spoken caller line identification) is mixed with the ringing tone. The functionality is enabled/disabled through profile settings. Fixed dialing number, allows calls only to predefined numbers Conference call capability (up to 6 participants) Vibrating alert Integrated handsfree speaker
* Other Useful Features – Personal shortcuts, Customizable profiles, Alarm clock, Music Player (MP3/AAC), Notepad for short notes, Automatic key guard and Calculator


  1. I got one of these – Nokia E61 and I am liking it more and more. As you said, there are so many features available on this device. I am discovering new features all the time. I haven’t even begun to start using SIP calls and any VOIP yet.
    I like your blog!

  2. The SIP and VOIP stuff does intrigue me 🙂 I recently got a Nokia N70 and am locked in contract for about another 6 months on that. I am sure by the time the contract dies that another version of this will be out which I may look in to getting.

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