Nokia Cseries Phones Announced

Nokia has announced the Nokia Cseries category for new smartphones launching. The first phone in the Cseries category is the Nokia C5 we just reported on.

The Cseries represents a shift in Nokia’s device naming convention and ads to the other 3 categories of phones already mentioned which are the Nseries, Xseries and Eseries devices.

The categories use a 1-9 numbering system with 1 being the cheaper less featured phones while 9 represents the higher-priced top end phones (putting the Nokia C5 right in the middle).

Each of the series represents a different “type” of phone. The new Nseries will be classed as Nokia’s flagship phones that will contain all the advanced features. Xseries will represent social entertainment. Eseries focusses on productivity and business (similar to blackberry style devices) and the Cseries represents the “core range of products” in Nokia’s words.

Right now we only have the Xseries phones such as the Nokia X6 available and Nokia have said new Nseries and Eseries phones will be launching soon although no specific information was given as to which devices were going to be launched. It is also unclear if all the various series of phones will run a variant of Symbian OS or if Nokia will branch out a little.

Via: Nokia Conversations


  1. Definitely Nokia has moved one step further by introducing Dual Sim handsets throwing open challenge to Samsung and other leading Indian brands like Karbonn, Micromax, Lava, Zen, etc….Nokia will hold its standard in the cheapest rate possible, I hope unlike other brands. Price range from 1700-2500 will definitely boost up the market for the average buyers. I would like congratulate Nokia for all these new phones and personally being an user of Nokia 7710, 5200 and 1110i, this time I am keen in purchasing Nokia C5. Best wishes…………………

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