Nokia C3 Touch and Type Feature Phone Announced

Nokia has announced the Nokia C3 touch and type feature phone. The C3 is similar to the Nokia X3 that launched recently in that it is a series 40 device that has a touchscreen built in.

The C3 has a standard T9 keypad for text entry. The touch screen can be used for navigating around the phone and reading messages. Design wise, the Nokia C3s body is made of stainless steel.

For network connectivity, it can connect up to GSM and EDGE and is quad band.

Other features of the C3 include a 5 megapixel camera with flash. it has wireless built in, but no GPS.

The price of the C3 is fairly good at 145 before tax and subsidies.

Overall it looks like a decent dumbphone / feature phone and at the price it’s available at, it could come in handy for over seas trips where you don’t want to carry around a more expensive smartphone.

Via: IntoMobile


  1. kooooooool set body is very slim n smart 😛

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