Nokia C2-01 Announced

Nokia announced the Nokia X2-01 a couple of days ago. Along with that announcement they also passed out details of the Nokia C2-01. The C2-01 falls in to the budget range of phones and from what Nokia tell us, it’s there cheapest 3G mobile phone available.

On the front is a small colour screen along with an alpha-numeric keypad. On the back is a 3.2 megapixel camera. For storage it has an SDHC card slot that can accept up to 16GB SD cards.

For connectivity it has 3G which we already mentioned and also has Bluetooth. No WiFi is included (as expected). Price wise, when it launches at the end of this year it will be $95 (70) before tax and subsidies.

As can be seen in the image below, it’s a very basic phone and ideal for those wanting to capture a few pictures, check emails and have basic internet access as well as make phone calls.

Via: Geeky Gadgets

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