Nokia to build Windows Phone and Android Devices?

UPDATE: We just head that the paper mis-quoted Williams… this is all not happening. Oh well!

We are hearing rumours that Nokia [NOK] are going to be porting Ovi Maps Navigation on to Android and Windows Phone devices in the near future. The information came as follows…

Greig Williams who is Nokia’s general manager for the Alps and South East Europe, told the Austrian newspaper Die Presse that porting Ovi Maps to Android and Windows Mobile “will be the next step.”

Reading between the lines a little here could reveal a couple of things. First is that they might want Ovi Maps Navigation to function on other platforms to give it away… but could it mean that Nokia are looking at creating Android and Windows Phone devices that will launch with Maps Navigation pre-installed?

Later on this year Nokia are going to be releasing just one Maemo device. Previously they have said they are focussing their time on Symbian, although this news today could indicate a distraction has already been found in that they could branch out to other OS’s.

If this is the case it’s quite a smart move by Nokia as it seems recently that people are moving to other OS devices rather than Symbian, although looking at Symbian’s dominance it’s hard to believe that.

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