Nokia Bicycle Charging Kit Coming Soon

Nokia [NOK] is launching a new charger that attaches to a bike and uses a dynamo to keep a phone charged. It is called the CD-14 and comes in two parts with the dynamo and Nokia phone holder (CR-124).

The charger is compatible with the 2mm charger jack that is seen on phones such as the Nokia E72 or the Nokia X6. It can also work over mini USB also.

To get the phone to charge the bike needs to be moving at about 6 KPH. It stops charging below that and above 50KPH. At 12KPH it reaches the efficiency of a regular plug in the wall charger.

You might be wondering why this is any good in a country where you can just plug in a phone. Well, the answer comes from two reasons. The first is that it’s designed for emerging markets who might struggle to pay some bills. Having energy created from movement on a bike will allow users to keep using their phone without worrying about the electricity bill.

Also for those who like to cycle around, possibly with Nokia Ovi Maps, it allows for users to use satnav on their phone while keeping it charged.

The charger will be made available towards the end of this year.

Via: Nokia

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