Nokia Aquires Novarra – a Mobile Web Browser Company

Novarra is a name you might not be too familiar with in the mobile phone industry, yet their software powers many mobile phone browsers around the world.

The Novarra company has provided software to Palm, Motorola and Samsung as well as several other companies. Novarra’s main product is the Vision Mobile Browser that runs on both Java or BREW. This particular browser is used on the Sprint networks lineup of basic phones (their entry level devices).

Due to the sheer amount of phones that use this software, Nokia buying the company will create quite a stir in the industry.

Chicago-based Novarra, which has about 100 full-time employees, has provided services to Verizon, Sprint, and US Cellular, as well as some other overseas carriers. Hardware companies that set up licensing deals with Novarra include LG, Samsung Mobile, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Palm, Research in Motion, and of course Nokia.

We should hear more from Nokia this year as the deal comes to a close. [TGGadgetLite]

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