Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition Announced

Nokia-5330-mobile-TV-editionNokia have announced a new phone called the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition that as the name describes, has something to do with watching TV. The 5330 TV Edition supports the DVB-H standard (digital video broadcasting handheld) that is prevalent around Europe and the adopted standard over this way.

The phone has a QVGA screen that measures 2.4 inches, a 3.5mm headphone jack that allows usage of regular headphones and can playback TV for up to 6 hours on a single charge.

Nokia report that the 5330 has one-click access to live broadcasts with the said content being at broadcast picture quality. For an antenna the 5330 uses your headphones so that reception is as good as it can be.

Other features include social networking such as Facebook, Ovi Contacts, MySpace as well as YouTube video.

The phone is also priced quite reasonably at $232 before taxes and subsidies which we can expect to drop to zero when signing up for an 18 or 24 month contract. Just make sure before buying that you check the TV standard is available in your country, although if you buy from a reputable operator then I am sure they will make that clear. Full press release can be found here.

Via: Ubergizmo


  1. are there any figures about the dimensions of the entire phone? i know nokia has a history of making bulky phones and i really cant tell with the pictures if this one will follow tradition or not. it’s a good phone with nothing exceptional besides the mobile tv feature. it’s pretty standard in terms of other aspects such as the camera and screen size, etc.

  2. nokia hav this habit of first launching a ill structered phone n soon launching a bettr version with some freeky handset number at much highr price,,looks like same goes here with 2.1 inch screen..i must say its a shame on sony tht they cant beat nokia in terms of feutures n pricing though they r highly equiped.ultimately we as a consumer suffer!!

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