Nixie Tube Wrist Watch

Nixie Tube Digital Wrist Watch
The Nixie tube wrist watch is fairly simple in operation in that you press a button to illuminate the Nixie Tubes. It runs by a AA battery which can power the watch for 6 months if the time is viewed about a dozen times a day. Only 25 of these beautys were ever made. Time is kept by 2 watch type batteries which last around 6 months and are independent of the Nixie Tubes. It measures 2.75 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches and the tubes have a soft orange glow which the original Nixie Tubes had.

It costs $495 although they are now sold out a long time ago. I only just came across them today. Maybe you could try your chances on eBay 🙂

Via: amug

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