Nissan Makes an In Car Breathalyzer

In Car Breathalyzer

In Car Breathalyzer will not allow the car to start if intoxicated

Nissan have created an in car breathalyzer which prevents the car from being started if the person driving is over the limit. The sensor is required to be used before the car starts and will not start until a person under the limit is tested. This is a nice step forwards and helps those driving know if they should drive, and prevents them if they shouldnt. Of course it could be bypassed by having someone else use the breathalyzer… but hopefully all those under the limit would be smart enough to say no to a request like that from a drunk person.

Toyota have also been working on a system, but this time it uses sweat sensors on the steering wheel which take blood alcohol reading while driving. Using this information with a mixture of steering patterns and a test on your pupils while driving it could be set to immobilise the car while driving.

These systems should be available over the next couple of years and might one day become standard in cars to help prevent dangerous driving while intoxicated.

Via: MotorTrend

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