Nintendo GameBoy Arcade Mod

This GameBoy Arcade Mod is designed to be a home to your old Nintendo Gameboy. The mini arcade units are each hand built and ship from from China within 20 business days.

The reason it takes a while to get to the customer is that each one is hand-built after the order has been made and payment received. On the back of the arcade unit the GameBoy slides in. Below that are connections for power and sound allowing you to keep your gameboy running from the mains and listen to some louder speakers.

The front of the cabinet houses a joystick controller that has been placed over the regular D-Pad.

Although it’s quite funky, I’m not so sure it will be as playable as you hope it will be. Either way, you can pick one up and order on eBay although just be aware that a price tag of $149.99 + $25 shipping is being charged for the mini Arcade unit.

Via: OhGizmo

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