Nintendo DS iPod Hack

Nintendo DS iPod
With the Wii getting all the Wiimote mods recently it seems only fair that Nintendo DS needs some of them too. We cant go leaving it out in the cold now can we. The Nintendo DS is a popular dual screen portable gaming device which was launched last year. The bottom screen is a touch screen which is what this mod utilises. The touch screen iPod is a program which can be run which emulates the iPod touch wheel and allows you to scroll through your collection of MP3s. Its a cool idea and well worth checking out if you are an avid DS user. Watching the video we can see that it functions just like an iPod would. Check it out after the jump.

Via: TechEBlog


  1. How can i play/open pics and videos with lmp player?
    My player only plays music…

  2. Hola como se llama este “juego” para nintendo ds nose si se puede comprar lo querio pero como me lo compro o como se llama “Ipod”??? Porque realmente me serviria tenerlo, cuantos GB tiene este “Ipod”??

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