Nintendo 3DS 3D Handheld Gaming Device Announced

Nintendo have announced they are launching a 3D version of the Nintendo DS called the Nintendo 3DS. The 3DS will follow on as the successor of the popular DS and DSi.

For compatibility the new Nintendo 3DS will accept older game cartridges allowing you to play regular DS/DSi games as usual.

The 3DS will also be glasses-free 3D which should make for an amazing portable console experience.

Launch dates for the device have been announced as being sometime in the fiscal year ending March 2011 which really doesn’t narrow it down to anything to look forwards to.

Hopefully we’ll receive some images soon as well as more technical details of what the new 3DS handheld is all about.

Via: Engadget


  1. It looks like the release date of the 3DS changed from March 2011 to this year. I think Reggie made a mistake in his interview and was corrected recently. It’s quite surprising that the President of Nintendo would make a mistake like that. But anyway, looking forward, I’m glad he made a mistake. Just means, we can get the 3DS sooner!

  2. VertigoFive says

    I can’t wait to see this for myself. Being the first thing to hit the market with glasses-free 3D viewing technology, I don’t think that Nintendo is going to have any issues selling out of these right away. Even though I would like to wait and see it before committing, I should probably pre-order one anyway.

  3. Jason M. says

    I wonder how fast the 3ds units will sell out at wal-mart and other retailers in a few weeks. I know that Amazon pre-orders are way up. They are also doing a sweet deal where you can trade in your DS for a discount on the 3d version. Nintendo really knows how to keep their customers happy that is for sure.

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