Nikon Developing a Canon G11 Rival

Nikon are creating a new camera that will rival the Canon G11. Kevin Egan, the UK’s senior product manager at Nikon told Amateur Photographer that the Canon G11 is a benchmark for high-end prosumer compact cameras.

There are no specific details of what will be included in this camera except that it will probably borrow some of the features from Nikon’s range of digital SLR cameras as well as a build of the Coolpix point and shoot camera range.

It is rumoured that the camera will have a fairly large sensor, possibly APC-C sized. The other options are a CMOS sensor so that camera can work well in low light situations.

Although details are very sparse at the moment we have heard that the camera could be announced as early as next week. Nikon Rumors say it could be called the Nikon CoolPix P7000.

Information from elsewhere also hears of Johan Kling (top guy of Nikon Sweden) saying that Canon has the advantage of 1080p in DSLR and the G11 with this advantage ending soon. The P6000 was discontinued several months ago in August last year which does leave a gap open for a new camera. That mixed with the rumour of 8 cameras being announced last month from Nikon but only 7 surfacing also ads to the speculation.

We will probably get an update on Monday 8th March when an announcement is expected to be made.

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