Nikon D300 Discontinued

Nikon_D300We heard this morning that Nikon are now discontinuing the Nikon D300 digital SLR camera that has been a great camera since it’s launch. The Nikon D300 was recently replaced by the D300s. The D300 was a little behind in these last days in that it couldn’t do video but there are mixed feelings on DSLR’s needing to do video anyway.

The D300 was first launched in August 2007 and now that it’s not being built any more we could see prices dropping on the camera while stocks are finally depleted. If you still want one of these great cameras then it might be worth checking out Amazon to see if they have any good deals on it.

A quick check on Amazon does show it still being in stock and it probably will be for the next week, few weeks or maybe months depending on what stock they hold.

Via: CrunchGear

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