Nexus S Super AMOLED to be Replaced with Super Clear LCD in Russia

The Google Nexus S from Samsung will be launching in the next couple of weeks in the US and the UK. When it arrives, it will have a Super AMOLED screen. We are hearing reports today though that indicate the Super AMOLED screen will be replaced with a Super Clear LCD screen over in Russia as well as potentially, a few countries in Europe.

The reasons for the switch are not known and at the moment, we are not sure 100% that this is for real or not. If so, it could be due to shortages as the new production line at Samsung will not be opening till 2Q 2011 for Super AMOLED screens.

For those worried about the Super Clear LCD screen, we hear it has the same quality as the Super AMOLED with the only difference being the power consumption.

We’ll try track more information down on this and see if the switch around for Russian users (Nexus S launching February 2011) is actually correct.

Via: Unwired View and Samsung Hub

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