Next Gen iPhone – Leaked Photos

next-gen-iphoneImages have surfaced which claim to show the back of the “next iPhone” which has been rumoured to be coming out sometime this year. The picture above shows an unreleased 16GB iPhone which has the model number of A1303.

Rather then having a glossy look which the previous versions did, it seems like Apple might be opting for a matte black look. Official details are expected to be launched in about 4 months time, so for now you’ll just have to sit back and try imagine what else it might look like.

The images have come from China and many have a belief that they are the real deal. What do you think?

Via: MacRumours




  1. I would love the back to be the matte black style. It’s much more friendly for holding the phone as the shiny version on the current 3g can get a bit slippy and all scratched up. I hope the phone has 32gb memory, then I can sell my video iPod and just have the one iPod!

  2. Oh yeah, I know the pic shows 16gb version, but hope a 32gb version is also available before you all wonder what I am talking about

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