New UMPC From Korea – Tango Wings

Tango Wings
The latest UMPC coming from Korea is the Tango Wings. This UMPC has GPS built in as well as a full keyboard. A webcam is also included and it runs the latest OS from MS named Vista. I have no clue what its called Tango Wings, but do not let the name put you off. This UMPC actually looks quite nice from the picture abobe. It features a 6.5 inch WVGA screen and a 30GB hard disk which is just 1.8 inches in size. Network connectivity is provided by wireless running at 802.11 b/g standards or via a standard RJ45 ethernet port. When running Windows Vista you need to have a decent amount of RAM and the good news is that Tango Wings doesnt lack here either. It has 768MB built in.

As well as having wifi connectivity there is the option of Bluetooth 2.0 which allows better communication with mobile phones if you want to use your cell as a modem if you are out of wifi range. There is no lack of connectivity either as this device boasts 3 USB ports which allows a nice array of devices to be connected. FireWire is also an option to allow for quick transfers to some MP3 players.

The list does not stop here. It seems the Tango Wings has a whole array of features including SD/MMC slot, audio out, microphone jack and more buttons. The size of the device is 190 x 120.8 x 28.3mm and weighs 720g. I have no idea yet how much it will cost, but I cant wait to get my hands on one to give it a test drive.

Tango Wings

Via: NaviGadget

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