New Sony Walkman NW-S700F Series

Sony realise that they are not at the top of the list for MP3 players. They know that the iPod has won over many people. Sony want to change this in a statement that Hiroshi Yoshioka said “Sony has a lot of strenghts that Apple doesn’t have”

Sony Walkman NW-S700F
The new Sony Walkman has been launched which should be out by the end of this year. The new line of audio players features things which no other device currently offers, and they hope that this will boost sales for them. Several models will go on sale up to 4Gb in capacity and this will sell for around $240.

Sony Walkman

This new walkman from Sony features several snazzy functions such as copying direct from CD in to the MP3 player, a fancy noise reduction system which can boost levels according to the ambient noise around. The display is colour.

One thing that stands out most is the 3 minute charge which gives a nice 3 hours of playback. This is certainly a nice step forwards for those who love their music.

Noice Canceling Technology
Noise cancelling works on the NW-S700F in the way of discreet microphones built in to the 13.5EX headphones. These capture ambient noise, the walkman analyses it and adjusts volume, bass, treble levels to different levels to enhance the users experience in listening to the music. The actual functions invert the outside noise also which can then null the outside noise. The walkman boasts a 5 channel equaliser which can be used to adjust the music to different sounds such as club, arena and studio effects.

The screen is colour and is enhanced with a nice backlight which gives a floating effect of the text.

The models that will be available are the 1Gb NW-S703F which is available in gold and black, the 2Gb NW-S705F which comes in violet and black and then the mean 4Gb NW-S706F which comes in black.

Price is a little higher then the usual 4Gb flash player, but with the noise cancelling, quick charge and direct from CD to MP3 player technologies, it makes it well worth the $240 ish price tag.

Via: RLSLog

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