New Sony Flexible OLED Screen

Flexible OLED
Sony have unveiled an OLED screen that is flexible. OLED displays tend to be made out of a sealed glass which protects the materials inside from getting moisture on them which can basically kill them. Sony managed to create the screen on to a plastic which allows it to be thinner, lighter and bendable as seen in the image above. The screen is a full colour display also. The prototype is has a resolution of 120 x 169 with a .318 mm pixel pitch. I do not have details on how quick the screen can update (refresh rate) but this is certainly interesting to see this kind of technology appearing.

I look forwards to seeing technology like this and will be watching out for more to come from Sony on the OLED screen front. Hopefully this will allow for even thinner screens that run a decent refresh rate and can be flexible (made smaller for traveling).

Via: Pinktentacle


  1. Wow. That’s impressive. I remember seeing something like this a few years ago in popular science or something. I thought for sure this technology would have already been on the market.

  2. There’s epaper which has been around for a while but still in early days. I think it was LG who managed to make colour ePaper just recently.

  3. I am very impressed by this. I wet my pants. 🙂

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