New Mobile Key Layout

Phone Keypad
LG have created the AX490 phone which has a unique key layout. Apparantly the predictive text on the 1 – 0 keypad layout does not allow you to text quick enough. What LG have done is create a keyboard which has the regular 10 numeric keys on, but in between each key in the corners is a charachter. If you count them you will see A – Z (all 26 letters). Seeing the speed that my sister can text on the standard 10 numeric keys I would be suprised if this could increase the speed, but it will be interesting to see how it goes, or if it makes the keypad too cluttered.

The keypad layout has been named Fastap and is provided by a couple of providers in the US and Canada. According to research this new system allowed for people to send text messages twice as quick, and even doubled the amount of texts they sent over the month.

I am not sure I would go for a Fastap phone as I am used to and like the current ABC, DEF key layout that is currently on mobile phones. But, should it become popular and on a decent phone, I might try it out.

Via: Greenwhite

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