New iPhones Coming in October Says Al Gore

Al Gore has commented that new iPhones (note it’s plural) will be coming in October. This could be seen as reinforcing the rumours that two models will be introduced (iPhone 4S and iPhone 5) although it could just mean new iPhones as in 16GB/32GB black/white are coming in the form of the iPhone 5. For those who don’t know Al Gore and what he might know, he is an Apple board member.

In fairness, it doesn’t tell us much at all though for the reason mentioned above. Although iPhones was mentioned, it could mean two or one model but with different variations.

Regarding the two iPhone models launching the rumours say that an iPhone 4s will become the new cheap model. It is expected that this device will retain the same design as the iPhone 4 but have a quicker processor perhaps and less storage, possibly 8GB). This particular model has also been referenced as the iPhone 4-Plus.

The iPhone 5 is the next device to be mentioned which is expected to have a new design, possibly a larger screen, faster CPU, more RAM, same storage, better cameras and a better battery.

iOS 5 will likely be launched within the next few weeks as rumours are hinting that iOS 5 GM will be going live tomorrow evening which is the final version (usually) before the public release.

All should become more clear in the next couple of weeks.


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