New iOS Skype Update Brings New Features and Ads

A new Skype update has been released for iOS devices that brings a number of new features. On the plus side, yes there is a negative for some users, Skype has allowed Bluetooth Headset support as well as video stabilisation for calls. The downside is that in-app ads are now part of the service for some users. We’ll explain below.

Users who have credit on their account or use the Premium service will not see the ads unless their membership lapses or credit drops to zero. As seen in the image above, small full width screen ads are being placed in the Skype app for iOS. To summarise what Skype is doing, it’s attempting to have those that use Skype to Skype and never use Skypeout see adverts so that a bit of money per user can be made. Perhaps it’s not too bad afterall as the ads don’t look too intrusive and the service is still free.

Skype has confirmed that ad spots in the future will be sold to 3rd party advertisers. At the moment they are only showing Skype related properties.

Back to the plus sides, the Bluetooth support is compatible on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 4G as well as the iPad 2. Any older devices wont get this feature.

The new Skype update is available now over the App Store or in iTunes under updates.


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