New Google Chrome Download Now Available

Google [GOOG] has launched a new version of the Google Chrome browser which is now available for download. The latest version is 14 which brings with it more usability for Mac OS X Lion users.

The new Google Chrome download is available now and once installed will allow you to use the full-screen button or CTRL+Shift+F to maximise the screen. As well as full screen access and overlay scrollbars, a new web audio API has been created which allows developers to make changes to audio such as room simulation or spatialization to name a couple.

* The Web Audio API enables developers to add fancy audio effects such as room simulation and spatialization.
* Native Client is an open-source technology which allows C and C++ code to be seamlessly and securely executed inside the browser. Currently, Native Client only supports applications listed in the Chrome Web Store, but we are working to remove this limitation as soon as possible.

Also, a number of bugs have been fixed in this release. For those using Chrome the browser should update automatically shortly (if it hasn’t already). If you are new to Chrome then you can download it from

Source Via: Engadget

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