New dock connector rolling out to all iOS devices this fall

Out of all the rumours I’ve heard about the new iPhone and an iPad mini launching in the next few months, this particular is quite bold. The claim is that Apple will be changing its whole product line to a new and smaller dock connector. That part we have heard before, but the new rumours say that it will all happen at the same time this fall.

This of course means that the new iPhone (iPhone 5?) will get the new dock connector as well as a new rumoured iPad mini. But, we hear it also includes the current generation iPad that will get a refresh within the next month and also a range of iPod devices.

If this happens to the 3rd gen iPad then I assume it will be just a slight change and not warrant a full announcement. I also assume that this will not change the 4tg gen iPad launch which will likely happen around March 2013. I believe that Apple will simply quietly make the change in the Apple store and that those buying a 3rd gen iPad will get the new connector when old stocks are depleted.

Some have said that Apple will use this as a 4th gen iPad launch, but to be honest, I can’t see that happening just yet. The rumoured date for the iPhone 5 announcement is September 12 and if this event goes ahead, Apple will likely announce the changes that are being made to iOS devices.

These are certainly interesting times for Apple who seem to be raising the bar and bringing new dock connectors, Retina displays and even now updating OS X on a yearly cycle. Tim Cook also said earlier this year that 2012 was going to be a big year for Apple.


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