New Devices added to HTC Bootloader Unlocking Tool

HTC has expanded the Bootloader unlocking tool by adding more compatible devices to it. Several new devices were added which includes the HTC Hero, Legend, Droid Eris, myTouch 3G as well as the myTouch 4G.

The tool allows users to officially unlock the device so that custom ROMs can be installed. For those without a compatible device the only other way is to root the device and force your way in to the bootloader.

One of the big surprises with this recent round of devices is the HTC Hero. This is a relatively old Android smartphone now. The more the merrier though as many want full control of their Android smartphone rather than being locked in to official firmware.

The tool can be grabbed now and we assume that HTC will continue to update it to allow more devices to be unlocked in the future. Remember that when I say unlocking here, I am referring to bootloader unlocking and not SIM unlocking.


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