New Adaptive Streaming Technology from Apple Hinted At

Apple could be working on a new file format that will use what is now called “adaptive streaming”. The new technology is believed to coming to the iTunes Match and iCloud services and will see iTunes files currently stored in AAC format changed to HD versions. With adaptive streaming, it allows those with high bandwidth access and enough storage space to have HD versions streamed. When bandwidth degrades a little, the file is switched to a lower quality version.

Although this is how “we” think the technology works the whole thing is just rumours at the moment as Apple hasn’t announced anything and this is based off a report from the Guardian who hasn’t had official word from Cupertino. If true though, we might see this announced along side the iPad 3 and the rumoured Apple TV 3 event that was announced yesterday to be going ahead on March 7. If Apple does announce an Apple TV 3, it will likely be capable of 1080p HD and also might have increased audio capabilities… hence the adaptive streaming. With the iPad 3 also rumoured and likely to have a retina display, Apple could be turning up the definition on both visual and audio of the devices.

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