New 7 Inch Eee Pad Launching at CES – Rumour

An image of a new ASUS tablet has been found by Netbook Italia which shows that a 7 inch Eee Pad could be launching at CES shortly. The last 7 inch device that Asus revealed was the Eee Pad Memo although that never actually launched. It is believed that this new device could carry on where the older one left off.

Although it could be an updated Eee Pad Memo, it might also be a different product entirely.

Not much is known about the device in the image above other than it looking like an Asus device (along with the Asus name on it) and being smaller than other tablets the company has made. Expect to see more though in the coming week when CES kicks off.

As for the operating system, we expect to see Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich although it might launch with Honeycomb and receive an OTA update at a later date.


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