Three Network Launches The One Plan

Three in the UK has launched The One Plan. The One Plan is described as being the simplest and most competitive tariff ever offered in the UK.

The One Plan offers a lot of free minutes, free texts and 1GB of data as well as more minutes for calls kept on the Three network.

For £25/month you get 2000 any network minutes, 5000 Three to Three minutes, 5000 texts and 1GB of data. There are no “unlimited” mentions here and you simply get a lot of everything (perhaps not data, but more than enough for the majority of peoples needs).

Three have said they can offer this plan because of the following reasons…

* Firstly, because of the strength of our network the UK’s biggest 3G network which is continuing to grow in size, speed and capacity.
* Secondly, the clear direction signalled by Ofcom’s proposals for lower mobile termination rates means we can now offer voice calling for less.

The limits in The One Plan let you do the following…

* Check Facebook on your mobile more than 65,000 times
* Watch up to 30-minutes a day of YouTube each month
* Send more than 1,000 texts a week.
* Speak for more than one hour every day any network calls (in addition to more than two-hours a day Three-to-Three)

We recently tested out a Three MiFi (review up later today) across the UK and found network speeds to be very fast. If Three can keep the network speeds high for a price like that it’s well worth investigating if you are near the end of another contract.

The One Plan details can be found here.

Full details at Three.

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