Netflix Streaming Coming to the UK and Ireland in 2012

Netflix is bringing streaming to the UK and Ireland. In an announcement made recently, the company has said that streaming of movies will be available early 2012 in the countries mentioned.

The new streaming service works on a monthly fee rather than a per-title basis. For those subscribing to it you’ll get access to various movies which can be watched on a number of devices such as the iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac and some Internet connected TVs although Netflix hasn’t confirmed when each device will be made compatible (ie, when apps will be available).

The announcement comes at almost the same time that Google opened up movie rentals in the Android Market over in the UK.

At the moment there are no details on an exact launch date other than early 2012 which could hint at January. We also have no details on pricing and what restrictions might be put on the service. All will likely be revealed in the run up to 2012, so look out over the next few weeks for more details on the services.


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