NES Carts Modded in to Harmonicas

Back in the NES, SNES, Sega Megadrive (Genesis) days there was the occasion to blow in to a cartridge to clean the contacts so that the game would actually load. NES_harmonica, an eBay seller, has decided to convert his old NES carts in to working harmonicas that actually provide music when you blow in to them.

Currently there are several carts on sale which include Dick Tracy, Legend of Zelda and Super Mario 3 each of which has a starting bid of $7.

Each NES Harmonica game cartridge was created by using a Hohner Pocket Pal harmonica making each of them very playable (in a music way, not gaming way as the innards have been carved out).

It’s certainly an interesting and unique idea. Not so sure it will take off though. Via: Ohgiz and GoNintendo


  1. Hey! Thanks for the press! These harmonicas are now also available on Etsy at!

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