Neofonie WeTab Gets Delayed till September

You might remember the Neofonie WeTab from reading gadgetvenue a few weeks back. The tablet recently went from being called the WePad to the WeTab, perhaps to avoid a run-in with Apple [AAPL]. Either way, we are hearing today from various blogs about gadgets that the new tablet is actually being delayed till September. It was originally set to launch next month in June.

The WeTab is one of the few new tablets that shows a lot of potential. It runs on the Google Android platform that is progressively getting better over time. It has an 11.6 inch touchscreen that has a decent resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Powering the WeTab is an Intel Atom N450 processor although it does only have Intel GMA 3150 graphics.

Storage wise, either 16Gb or 32GB models are available. Like the iPad, the WeTab will come in either WiFi or WiFi+3G variants for those who want a little bit of extra connectivity whilst on the move.

When launched the WeTab is set to cost $573 for a 16GB WiFi only model with the 32GB WiFi+3G model going for $726 which makes it a little more expensive than the Apple iPad, but the WeTab is a lot more customisable out of the box

Via: Coated and Geeky Gadgets


  1. Harry Dowling says

    So far I have never seen a convincing demonstration of the Wetab. It has a touchscreen but if it can be used hands on like an iPad that has not been shown. All video demos I have seen show a mysterious white dot moving cursor-like across the screen to make selections. Or am I wrong?

    • It’s a bit worrying. I think the main problem with tablets from unknown companies is that they out them a little too early thinking they can get them ready quickly. It would be far better for them to announce it when they are actually ready to launch.

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