NEC Dual Screen Android Tablet to Arrive at CES 2011

NEC will be unveiling a new dual screen Android OS based tablet at CES 2011 that is being held in a couple of weeks time. The new dual screen tablet will be called “The Cloud Communicator” and will have two 7 inch screens attached together with a hinge in the middle.

Each of the 7 inch screens will be touchscreen. Other features include WiFi, Bluetooth as well as 3G for connectivity. Although both screens are touchscreens, it isn’t known at the moment what type of touch technology they will use. Hopefully both will be capacitive and the provided stylus will be an active stylus to make it compatible with that technology.

NEC is also going to be unveiling a second Cloud Communicator although this second model will be a single screened 7 inch tablet which will also be powered by Android from what we understand.

We’ll see what we can find at CES 2011 and let you know how it performs.

Via: Gaj-it and Pocket Lint

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