Nebudroid Controller for Android Phones

nebudorid-nes-controller-android-appA great application for Android based phones has been created. It is called Nebudroid and it turns your Android phone in to an NES controller that works with NES emulators and also racing games on the PC.

As well as having the standard D pad and a couple of buttons it also makes use of the accelerometers built in to the phone and can then be used as a steering wheel allowing you to more realistically drive around a track in a game.

Unfortunately the application isn’t quite ready yet as it’s still in development. Once finished it will be compatible with a Windows, Linux and Mac client side piece of software to allow you to control NES games loaded on to your computer as well as PC games.

The video below shows the controller in action. More details of the application can be found over at Nebudroid.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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