Navigon MobileNavigator 1.7 Lands on iPad

Navigon has updated MobileNavigator for the iPhone and increased it to version 1.7. The new MobileNavigator 1.7 brings a few new features to the iPhone which includes Retina Display support.

Another handy feature is that the iPhone app is now also compatible with the iPad and allows you to run the iPad version as an iPad version and not stretched like before.

Other features include Zagat Survey, Active Lane Assistance and Map Reporter, each of which helps you reach your destination more easily.

Several single-feature apps are also launching with ones such as help2park that is launching today for free. This particular app helps you to find parking in your area.

Downside of some of the updates is that they do cost, such as Zagat Survey costing $7.99 ($5.99 at the moment) as well as Traffic Live costing $19.99.

Full details, including the press release, can be found over at Engadget.

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