Native Gmail App for iPhone Coming Soon

Google [GOOG] will soon launch a native Gmail app for the iPhone. The new app will allow users to interact with email on their device as an app rather than via the Safari mobile interface.

Reports today hint that the Gmail for iPhone app has already been submitted for approval and that in the next few days it will be available to download, assuming it is approved of course.

Not much is known about the app although those that have seen it have commented that it’s surprisingly good.

One other thing we have heard is that the app will work with Push Notifications. At the moment the only way to kind of get push notifications is by using Gmail through the Exchange connector on an iOS device. By using a native app, it will allow real push notifications as well as the ability to flag and star messages.

Priority-inbox is expected as well as other features that are seen on the desktop. Expect the app any day now if the rumours are correct.

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