Napster iPhone App Launches

Yesterday, the Napster iPhone App landed in the app store. The software allows you to listen to a choice of over 10 million full length songs as often as you like.

The application its self is free to download although the Napster service you will use does have a subscription cost of $10/month.

The Napster app lets you save songs, playlists and albums so that you can listen to music while your phone is off line or in a bad signal area. The app is also able to run in the background on iOS 4 so that you can work with other apps while listening to music.

Napster App Features…
• Save songs, albums, and playlists to play even when you’re offline
• Kick back with playlists, recommendations, and Billboard® charts dating back to 1955
• Create your own playlists for a customized listening experience
• Save your last 100 songs played so you can easily replay favorites
• Automix your favorite song to create an instant playlist blending similar artists

Looks like an impressive app and well worth checking out if you love music.

Available from the iTunes store.

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