Nano-SIMs Being Tested for Next Gen Smartphones

Next generation smartphones, which could include the yet to be announced iPhone 5 and perhaps a new Nexus model from Google, could be getting Nano SIMs instead of micro SIMs. When Apple launched the iPad and iPhone 4, the company opted to use microSIMs which are essentially the same as full SIMs but with a lot of the wasted plastic cut off from around the edges.

We now hear that nano-SIMs are being tested by Apple for the next generation of devices due to launch over the coming months.

Cutting out even more of the excess plastic from around the edges of the SIM is essentially a space saving tactic as Apple crams more in to its smartphone. Just the few mm of shaved off plastic from the edges could allow for a small component to be squeezed in bearing in mind that the slot which the SIM fits in also takes up space.

It is likely that Nano-SIMs will be literally just slimmed down microSIMs as BGR reported that Apple has handed out nanoSIM adapters that allow the nano-SIM to be used in regular smartphones for testing on various carrier networks.

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