Multi-User iPad Concept Created

The iPad is designed for a single user. When you slide the unlock slider, you get presented with the same icons, same settings, same active logins no matter who picks up the iPad.

This concept idea aims to allow several people to use the iPad, each with their individual settings. It uses 4 sliders with one in each corner for each user. When that user picks up the iPad they use the slider with their name and log in to their own icons, saved passwords and what not.

It’s a great idea although one we suspect, will never become a reality. The other image below shows how the iPad could be designed to work with 2 users at the same time although that’s kind of silly if you ask me. I do however, love the idea of a multi-user iPad with each person being able to use a slide to unlock.

Via: Gizmodo and Berglondon

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