Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler

Remote Control Wrangler
If you are the type who often looses the remote control for the TV, Video, DVD player, Stereo, iPod Dock and a number of other devices then you need to pick up a remote control wrangler. Ok, you dont really as you would look extremely strange wearing one of these. The Remote Wrangler is a Velcro type stretchy material that you wrap around your head. On each remote you put the other side of the Velcro and when you need to change channel you just reach up to your head rather then hunt around the floor, cushions and other random places that remote controls get lost.

Not only does the remote wrangler store your remotes, but apparently it also massages your head. If you want my opinion on this device then I think the idea ranks in the stupid category but still worth a good laugh if you want to pick one up for a friend for Christmas or something.

Via: Inventorspot

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