Multi-Touch runs on a Hacked Google Phone

multitouch-google-phoneA guy named Luke Hutchinson managed to get multi-touch features working on a G1 Google phone. Unfortunately the system is a little clunky although with it being just version 1 of the hack, that can be forgiven.

The system works by patching a Linux Kernal and then a quick tweak of the touchpad driver successfully activates multitouch. It is unclear right now if the hardware is capable of multi-touch, or if something somehow is just being emulated. The standard applications are not compatible meaning that modified apps will be needed. The creator, Luke, has provided a browser, maps and photo viewer for you to play around with.

The good news is that the application is downloadable. Caution is needed as you will need to modify the firmware and make a few other changes. If you like risk and want to test it out then check out the link after the video below.

Download Via: Wired

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