MSI WindPad 100 Unveiled at Computex 2010

Computex opened up today and as we expected, a number of new tablets were on show. We already covered the new ASUS Eee Pad that will be launching Q1 next year. This next one is the MSI WindPad 100. This Tablet runs Windows 7 and has a 10 inch screen.

The tablet is powered by an Intel Atom Z530 processor that runs at 1.66GHz, it has 2GB of RAM and has 32GB of storage on an SSD.

The WindPad 100 uses Windows 7 Home Premium although MSI has made a number of customisations that bring the Wind Touch UI layer to the device making it more tablet friendly, well that’s the plan if anything.

The WindPad 100 has two USB ports, a HDMI output, webcam and a number of other features that will be unveiled close to launch.

On the subject of launch dates, MSI expect the WindPad 100 to be available later this year and it will carry a price tag of around $500.

A few observations made by Engadget say that it feels quite cheap although the plastic used (a lot of it) does knock off a bit of weight bringing it down to 1.7 lbs. The HDMI port will output at 720p, perhaps higher depending on what graphics chip can be found inside. One problem noticed is the speed although it’s far from launch yet so the company have time to fix those sorts of issues with software.

The MSI looks like another potentially good device although with running Windows 7, it might run in to a few issues. Hopefully not though!

Via: I4U

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