MSI Slatebook Details Arrive

MSI has released a few details of the MSI Slatebook that is due to launch next month at Computex.

The Slatebook will use an Intel Atom processor (possibly the Z series) and have a 10 inch screen. The operating system MSI is installing will be a version of Windows 7.

For connectivity the Slatebook will have WiFi and 3G allowing you to connect up in most places. Also, MSI say the device will have a battery life of 8 hours making it almost as competitive as the Apple iPad that is capable of 10 hours on a single charge.

Other features include USB connectivity and a HDMI port for hooking it up to HDTV’s when needed. The device it’s self weighs 800g which is slightly heavier than the iPad. The plus side for some will be that it runs Windows 7 allowing it to be far more customisable than the iPad. It is unclear at the moment if cameras are included on the device and what type of 10 inch screen it uses. Also we do not know what storage capacity it has and how much RAM.

We should find out more next month at Computex where it will first go on display.

Via: Pocket Lint

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