MS Windows XP in your Pocket

Pocket XP
The USB flash drive has become more useful over the years with devices such as the VPhone from Vonage allowing you to carry around a land line which can be loaded up on any computer with internet access. With the rise of memory storage capacity also come other uses such as this Windows backup OS on a flash drive.

Put your self in this situation. You are out on business and you load up some software containing a virus which destroys part of your Windows XP OS. Being out of the road and having no access to the internet on another PC would make it very hard to fix this issue. Having a bootable flash drive running Windows XP would solve this problem for you. Using Bart PE Builder you can create a very handy flash drive with OS and plenty of utilities which could save your laptop a lot quicker then sending it back to the IT dept to fix.

To make this work you need at least a 256Mb USB flash drive, but no bigger then 2GB due to the utility utilising the FAT 32 file system. For full instructions of how to create this cool little laptop saver check out the guide over on TomsHardware.

This is something that I will be testing soon as I am a regular laptop user and this could come in handy should a problem happen when I am out and about.

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