Mozilla Firefox 6 Beta Download Released Early

Mozilla has released its new browser, Firefox 6 (beta), a couple of days early. Although not available for download direct on its website, anybody is able to pick up version 6 from Mozillas FTP server (links at the bottom of this post).

Firefox 6 has a number of new features which includes changes that increase speed of the browser. Compatibility is also increased with this beta version.

For those who use a lot of tabs the new FF6 allows you to either load these up when starting the browser up, or you can choose to load them later on by using the Panorama grouping tool. A more in-depth permissions tool has been created which lets you set security on a site by site basis meaning that you can set levels for passwords, cookies and other functions of the browser.

Some visual aspects of the browser have also changed. The changes include a slight tint to the domain name so you are more able to tell which web site you are viewing easier.

This particular version doesn’t address the memory issues seen from latter versions of Firefox 3 onwards, but we heard earlier that Firefox 7 will address those problems towards the end of September this year.

FTP Downloads: Windows, Linux, Mac


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